Epidemiology and Modelling Group,
University of Cambridge

We develop epidemiological models to predict the spread of plant disease epidemics and to identify and optimise economically and ecologically sustainable strategies for disease management. See the latest news from our group.

Plant disease epidemics cause major economic shocks and reductions in food production. Epidemics can be especially harmful in developing countries where communities are often highly dependant on agriculture for subsistence and household income.

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Figure above illustrating how model outputs can be used to predict outbreaks of cassava brown streak disease integrated with a cassava-host map (Earth observation map) across Nigeria during the cassava growing season (Jan to Sept 2019). Click play to view the animation.

Please also see our work at the University of Cambridge https://www.plantsci.cam.ac.uk/research/groups/epidemiology-and-modelling

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This website is a repository for the research, predictions, and management simulations generated by the lab. The group is led by Professor Chris Gilligan. We are based in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Cambridge. Please click here for a full list of group members and their research.

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